2021 Season Information

(Last Updated: July 8th)


The COVID-19 situation is constantly changing.  We anticipate that things will continue to evolve up to the start of, and throughout the 2021 season.  We will update this page with new information as necessary.


 Please keep in mind the following with regards to the 2021 season:

  1. PVRA will follow state and local rules, regulations, and guidelines with regards to COVID-19.
    • We will adjust our operating model as the rules & guidance change.
    • Where rules & guidance are ambiguous we will consult with appropriate governing bodies and/or our COVID-19 advisor prior to making any changes.
  2. PVRA is a not-for-profit neighborhood association that relies heavily on volunteers and therefore has limited resources (especially time); and
  3. As long as social distancing mandates exist for outdoor venues, we will be operating at a reduced capacity compared to a regular season.  If we have to operate at a reduced capacity it will impact almost every aspect of our season.


Current Situation:

Effective May 19th almost all COVID-19 related restrictions have been lifted in Connecticut.  For the most part, the PVRA will be fully back to normal operations.  There are a few precautions that we will have in place to start the season related to guest passes and large social events, but we anticipate these will only be temporary measures.  


The table below has different aspects of the PVRA and their status for this season. 





Season Start Date

The season will start on-time, Friday May 28th.

PVRA Capacity

Full capacity.

Booking a spot at the pool

No advanced booking required.

Guests & Guest Passes

Guests will be allowed at the pool this year.  We will start the season with the following additional restrictions in place on the use of guest passes.

  • Members will be limited to bringing a maximum of 5 guests per day (the regular rule is 10).
  • In addition, no guests will be permitted the first week of regular summer hours (Monday, June 14 – Friday, June 18).

These restrictions will be reviewed on a weekly basis and may be changed at any time.  

Unaccompanied Children at the Pool (10 years old & up)

Children 10 and over will be able to attend the pool unaccompanied by an adult.

Masks at the PVRA

Mask will not be required by any members while outside.  If you are unvaccinated you should continue to wear a mask in any indoor area (i.e. restrooms & clubhouse).  

Individual Vaccination Status/Proof of Vaccination

We will not require proof of vaccination for any PVRA related activities.     Nor will proof of vaccination excuse individuals from following PVRA rules with regards to COVID-19.  This may change based on government guidance on use of “Vaccine Passports”.

Swim Team

There will be swim team this year. 

Kids Summer Fun Program

We will hold Kids Summer Fun program this year.  As in past years, members will be restricted to 2 weeks per child.

Pre-Swim Team

We will not have a pre-swim team that is integrated into the regular swim team this year.  Instead, we will be offering small group lessons for those that do not yet qualify for regular swim team.  More details to follow.

Access to Playgrounds

We will reopen the playgrounds for kids to use.

Social Events

Adult Only Social Events (e.g., Band Party, Lobster Bake, etc.) – We will be able to hold after-hours adult-only social events.

Larger Social Events (e.g., Memorial Day Meet & Greet, Pig Roast, etc.) – 

Private Parties

To start the season, we will not be booking any private parties (e.g. birthday parties) during regular hours at the pool.   This will be reviewed throughout the season.

Tennis & Pickleball

Yes.  PVRA has purchased a pickleball net and will set up a pickleball court.  Pickleball paddles will be available to sign out for member use.

Bocce Ball

Yes.  The bocce balls will be available to sign out.

Adult Volleyball

Yes.  The weekly adult co-ed pickup volleyball game will return.  Time & day TBD. 

Lawn Furniture

This year we will put out our lawn chairs for members to use.     Members are welcome to bring their own lawn chairs if they wish.  

Access to Gas Grills

We will allow members to use the gas grills.  We have purchased 2 new Weber grills for member use.

Snack Shack

We do not plan to open Snack Shack this season.  We have arranged for both a beverage and snack vending machine for this season.

Access to Clubhouse

Access to indoor areas of the PVRA will remain restricted.