Guest Passes

Guest passes will be available for purchase online, on an as-needed basis.  Physical guest passes from previous years are still valid, and should be used prior to purchasing online guest passes.


The form for purchasing guest passes can be found on this website under "My Account" > "My Forms/Paperwork" > "Guest Passes".  You must be logged in to access the form.  Guest passes are non-refundable so we recommend buying them the day of your visit.


After completing your purchase you will receive an email receipt. When checking in at the pool with your guests, simply show the guards at the sign-in table a copy of the receipt (either on your phone or a printed copy of the email).


Procedure

All members are expected to sign in and present “passes” for their guests before entering the PVRA.  Under no circumstance may a non-member use a guest pass without a PVRA member host present.  If using a physical guest pass it must be filled out legibly.  Adult guests are required to present ID to verify their identity. 



While we realize that it is the privilege of members to invite their guests to the PVRA pool, bear in mind that PVRA exists principally for the benefit of its members. Because of the size of the pool and the number of families who are members of PVRA, the following restrictions are in place on the number of guests allowed:

  • Each member household may bring a maximum of 5 guests per day during peak periods, and 10 guests per day during non-peak periods.  
    • Peak Periods are all Saturdays and Sundays, Holidays, and the period from the last day of school to the first Saturday following July 4th.
    • All other times will be considered non-peak periods.
    • Guests are not permitted at most family social events.
  • The use of guest passes may be suspended or further restricted at any time.
  • A Guest Pass must be provided for EACH individual guest regardless of age.
  • Individuals using guest passes may only remain at the pool as long as their PVRA member host is there.
  • The PVRA member has the responsibility of ensuring that all guests are properly registered. This registration is mandatory because of insurance liability.
  • PVRA chartered residents – either owner, renter, or their children – who are not active members of the PVRA (including those on maintenance) may not be considered guests of an active member.
  • Only members 14 years and older may sign in as guests.
  • Non-members may only visit the pool a maximum total 5 times per season using guest passes. This total is regardless of the number of different members who invite them. 




Caregiver Guest Pass Policy


A caregiver is defined as an adult (at least 18 years of age) who are looking after children in the absence of the member parent.


A caregiver can attend the pool without using a guest pass when they are escorting the member’s children to the pool without the adult member accompanying them. When entering the facility they must identify themselves as a caregiver and will be required to sign in.

Caregivers can not sign in additional guests using guest passes.

If a caregiver is accompanying parent members to the PVRA then a guest pass must be provided for them, however, they will not be subject to the maximum 5 visit rule.