Parental Responsibility

*** PLEASE NOTE:  Due to COVID-19 precautions some rules/policies have changed for the 2021 season.  Please see the 2021 Season Information page.  The rules and policies on that page supersede the content on this page ***

Parents/guardians must recognize the importance of controlling their children and their guests and accept the responsibility of enforcing the pool rules at all times.

The lifeguards are not to be considered baby-sitters. All children under the age of ten (10) years old must be accompanied by a parent or person specifically considered responsible for the child or children.

Only members and their guests may use the pool. A member is defined as member in good standing. Good standing means that active membership dues for the given season have been paid in full as well any unpaid dues for the deeded property, and that the member has not had his/her privilege revoked or suspended for a serious infraction of PVRA rules.


Parents/guardians of children committing acts of vandalism or other willful destruction shall be financially liable for necessary repairs.

Unclaimed Articles

A basket (lost & found) is provided into which all unclaimed articles are placed. The contents of the basket are disposed of each week on Saturday morning.