Pool Party Policy


Hours of Operation

Pool, Swimming, and Lifeguard Rules

The PVRA Board recognizes that the pool is a nice environment for parties during the summer season. The board also recognizes the needs of our 200+ active member families to be able to enjoy the pool and grounds at any given time during the season. The following policy was designed to formalize pool parties while keeping the overall requirements of our members as the top priority.

  • Members are allowed to bring between 5-10 guests per day. Anything greater is considered a Pool Party.
  • Co-ordination of multiple members to invite non-members for a single event still constitutes a party even if no single member is inviting more than 10 guests.
  • Pool Parties are welcome and available to all members. This does NOT include sponsoring a party for non-members.
  • Pool parties must be scheduled at least 14 days in advance with the Pool Director or the PVRA Board.
  • The Pool Director can approve “small” parties of 11-20 guests. Please send requests via email. 
  • Board approval is required for parties of more than 20 guests. Please send requests via email to board@prva.org
  • Pool Parties are on a first-come, first serve basis only
  • PVRA will allow (1) party per day (under no circumstances will there be more than 1 party in a given day)
  • Parties can be scheduled between Monday-Thursday during regular pool hours and Saturday or Sunday from 10am - 1pm.
  • A $100 administrative fee is due at the time of reservation to secure the requested date and to pay for additional lifeguards and clean-up for parties of more than 20 guests.
  • A $7.50 guest fee (or guess pass) is required for all non-members and is payable at the time of registration.
  • During parties the pool will be open to all members.
  • A designated area will be “set aside” for the group to put its belongings, etc.
  • All party guests will receive a 5 minute overview of the pool and our specific rules from the lifeguard prior to anyone going into the water. This is a requirement!!! All party guests must listen to the lifeguards at all times. All party guests will be asked if they know how to swim and those who do not will be told to stay in the shallow end only. All parents and/or guardians who attend are required to pay the guest fee.
  • At no time will the PVRA close during regular business hours to host a private party.  The PVRA may close early to host PVRA sponsored events (e.g. Adult Only Parties, Swim Banquet, etc.).