PVRA Guest Membership Waitlist Status


Where am I on the waitlist?

You can check to see where you are on the waitlist by logging onto www.pvra.org and going to "My Account" > "My Forms/Paperwork" and clicking on "Member Registration".


The field "WL Priority" indicates your position on the waitlist.  Your number does not change from year to year, but as people join the PVRA, or decline the invitation to join, they are removed from the waitlist.  People who decline an invitation may rejoin the waitlist but are given a new WL Priority number at the end of the list.


Going into the 2024 season the lowest number on the waitlist is 68.  So if your WL Priority number is 100 you are approximately 33rd in line (100-68+1). This is an approximate number as people may ask to be removed from the waitlist. 


How many new members will be added this year?

For the 2024 season we plan to add 15 new guest members.  We may add more if our membership turnover is higher than anticipated. Usually, we add 20 members, but our total membership last year ended up being higher than our target.


Those families with a WL Priority number of 90 and below will receive an invitation to join the PVRA this summer. This first round of invitations will be emailed mid to late February. If needed, we will send out additional rounds until we fill all open spots. Our acceptance rate is typically about 50% so often we send 2 to 3 rounds of invitations to fill these spots.


What do I need to do when I get an invitation?

To accept the invitation you must submit payment of the one-time initiation fee. You will have 1 week to accept the invitation and submit the payment. This deadline may be extended to take into account things such as the school winter break and the exact deadline will be specified in the invitation email.  You then will be required to pay the annual membership fee by the deadline established that year.


How much does it cost to join the PVRA?

When you first join the PVRA you will have to pay a one-time initiation fee and the annual family membership fee. We have not yet finalized our 2024 fee structure. Last year our fees were as follows:


2023 Guest Member Initiation Fee:  $1,460

2023 Guest Member Family Membership Annual Fee:  $1,460 ($1,360 if paid by the early payment deadline in early April).


A new guest member in 2023 would have paid $2,820 (assuming they paid their annual fee by the early payment deadline). In subsequent years you only pay the annual membership fee, for example a returning guest member in 2023 would have paid $1,360 to join for the summer (assuming payment by early payment deadline).


What if I decline or do not accept the invitation?

If you do not accept the invitation you will be removed from the waitlist.  You can rejoin the waitlist, but you will be moved to the back and assigned a new WL Priority number.  You can not defer your invitation to the following year.


Other things to keep in mind...

  • Inclusion on this waitlist doesn't guarantee an invitation.  PVRA has the sole discretion to choose who becomes a member and when.
  • We do not offer tours of the facility outside of our operating season or hours. If you want to check out the facilities the best way to do so is by visiting as a guest of a current member. If you can't do this, you can stop by the PVRA to have a quick look around, but you will not be permitted to use the facilities.
  • Keep in mind administration of this guest list, and the PVRA in general, is handled by member volunteers. 
  • All fees once paid are non-refundable.